Autocomplete function in ZSH

It amazes me how smart tab completion with zsh sometimes is! Check out the content of the following directory:

I wanted to remove everything except readme.install and PKGBUILD. So I started typing:

I hit the TAB key and it auto completes to:

Now here comes the interesting part: I continue to type:

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ownCloud on Debian Wheezy (or Ubuntu) using nginx

Before immediately installing ownCloud on your server you should make sure that a complete LEMP install is performed (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronounced “engine x”) + MySQL + PHP). I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you! Step 1: Installing MySQL 5 In order to install MySQL, we run

You will be…

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Reconnect your session to continue where you left off

Do you know screen? It’s a great utility to detach and reattach to shell sessions. There’s plenty of information on how to use it. See here for example. But what I wanted to share is my magic one-liner:

This does whatever is needed to create or reattach to a session named irssi running irssi over…

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