How to start Transmission after mounting USB HDD on Arch Linux

I’m assuming you already created an entry in fstab that mounts your USB HDD on boot. If you haven’t, search around on the internet how to do it.

For each mountpoint systemd creates a mountpoint.mount unit. Let’s find out how yours is called by executing:

My USB HDD is mounted on /storage. And I see my mountpoint listed as storage.mount. Let’s add this in a systemd override.

First create a directory to hold the config file:

Now let’s create a config file:

And fill it with these contents:

(Of course you need to substitute storage.mount with your mount unit found with systemctrl list-units a few steps back.)

Save it using CTRL-X, Y and let’s inform systemd of the change:

Next time you boot Transmission should wait for the mounts to be finished before starting.

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One thought on “How to start Transmission after mounting USB HDD on Arch Linux

  1. There’s a better way now:
    See the note at

    If /mnt/data/torrents is located on a removable device, e.g. with an /etc/fstab entry with the option nofail, Transmission will complain that it cannot find your files. To remedy this, you can add RequiresMountsFor=/mnt/data/torrents to /etc/systemd/system/transmission.service.d/transmission.conf in the section [Unit].

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