Apticron: Get notified of updates with apticron

I used to install cron-apt on all servers to get notified of any updates that needed to be installed. Then I stumbled on the package apticron. The great advantage over cron-apt is that it also sends you the part of the changelog that describes the need for the update. That way you can decide whether you want to update or not.

Here’s a small tutorial on how to install apticron.

The installation

Make sure your system is correctly configured to send mail to the user root.

Install the package using apt-get:

That’s it! From now on you will get an email at night telling you if you need to update.

If you wish you can review your settings:

The config file explains itself.

One thought on “Apticron: Get notified of updates with apticron

  1. Sweat! Works like a charm.

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